The Beer Days Not your Usual Craft Beer Awards

The Beer Days Not your Usual Craft Beer Awards

So as we approach the 2 year mark of Beer Days Beer Club we thought we would throw out a few awards for those we have really rated.This is not your average awards ceremony, prizes appear to be fairly random. And by no means are we picking any favourites, without all of the craft beer nuts out there brewing the finest craft beers from around the world none of this would be possible.

Red Hill So without further adieu the award for Most Featured Brewer in a Beer Days Beer Box goes to... Drum Roll... Red Hill Brewery with 9 beers featuring in the last 2 years. Well I guess when you endeavour to roll out 10 specialty brews in a year you are giving us plenty of options for for the Beer Club. On a personal note these guys played a big roll in my own journey to craft beer. The Scotch Ale was one of the first craft beers I tried around the turn of the decade and it really opened my eyes to what beer could be. You could say it's what started this whole crazy venture. Featured Red Hill Beers include the Bright Red, Temptation, Tripel, Golden Ale, Christmas Ale (x 2), Wheat Beer and Scotch Ale.
(Image via The Crafty Pint)

Young Henry'sOur award for Bottle Design goes to Brew Cult for the Get Down American Brown. Makes me want to party all night, have unprotected sex and do it all again the next day. Damn I was born a generation late.
(Photo via The Thirsty Hop)


Our award for Strongest Beer Featured in a Beer Days Beer Box goes to Lervig Brewers Reserve Konrad Stout. At 10.4% you need to drink this one sitting down. Or maybe lying down. Check out the notes here.
(Image via Store My)


And our final award is for Best Portrayal of a Monk and it goes to Moa Brewing's St Joseph Belgian Tripel. We have featured many brews that could be called new world interpretations of the old trapist style beers but we have to say this one takes the cake. A "sweet, malty, spicy alcohol fueled delight."
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Thanks to all our winners and thanks to all of the brewers that help make our "hobby" so rewarding. For those breweries that won an award you will receive your special Beer Days pat on the back next time we cross paths.
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