Cam's Top 7 American Beers

Cam's Top 7 American Beers

USA – land of the free, home of the brave...

Happily for us, it’s also land of awesome breweries and home of excellent craft beer! With Independence Day just around the corner, we thought there was no better time (and no better excuse – like we needed one) to get stuck into a few star spangled favourites. America has over 2,500 beweries – and counting, so the variety on offer is huge. Not one to shy away from a challenge, I’ve managed to narrow down my top picks from this vast array to 7 fantastic craft beers. So if you’re a Yank on foreign soil this Fourth of July and you’re pining for home, or if you’re an Aussie just looking to go further afield with your craft beer and get it on some of the Fourth of July fun and fervor, then read on for my Top 7 American Craft Beers. 

7. Deschutes Fresh Squeezed
Alcohol Content: 6.0%
Style: IPA

This aint no fresh squeezed OJ we're talking about, my friends. But if the "dawn's early light" on 4th July has you ready to get started, then far be it from us to stop you! With an earth, fresh cut grass thing going on, and the 6% AVO bringing out the malty sweetness, there was no way I was leaving this off the list!
Now available at Beer Days.

6. Left Coast Hop Juice
Alcohol Content: 9.70%
Style: Double IPA
If you think you can handle something this hoppy, then cheers to you! This is a serious beer, my friends - a "hop monster" if you will. The malty flavours are a nice surprise, but with a blend of Crystal and 2 Row malts with 5 different hop varieties and a 2 week spell in the fermenter - well, you know what this beer is all about!

5. Six Point Sweet Action
Alcohol Content: 5.20%
Style: Pilsener
Bitter-sweet like summer love itself, this will have you waxing poetic with its floral and biscuity sweetness that gets a bitter kick in the knick of time at the back end of the brew.

4. Mad River Steelhead
Alcohol Content: 5.70%
Style: Blond Ale
First brewed back in the 80s, this beautiful summer time ale more than holds its own against the new kids on the craft block. Unfiltered, cloudy golden, it smacks of herbal hop aromas and malty biscuit flavours. One to watch the fireworks with!

Alcohol Content: 5.20% 
Style: Pale Ale
Sweeter than most American Pales and pouring light golden with a soft carbonation, we’ll take this with a slice of lemon meringue pie thanks very much. Oh, and you read right – there’s Juniper berries in this one but oh, so subtle. Give it a try!

Alcohol Content: 5.20% 
Style: Porter 
Deschutes Brewery hales from Oregon USA, the spiritual home of the craft beer movement and they have produced one fine example of a porter. The aroma is all maple syrup, toffee and a hint of chocolate. The carbonation is minimal so it feels like it covers your whole mouth. Yes please!

and, finally, from the City that Never Sleeps, my Number 1 Favourite American Craft Beer is......

Alcohol Content: 9.10% 
Style: Double IPA - Now available at Beer Days.
From the streets of Red Book, Brooklyn, comes this pure, unadulterated, hop juice - one of the classiest IIPAs going around. And we are nothing if not classy here at Beer Days.

So from Brooklyn to Bondi and beyond, we wish you an awesome July 4th!

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