Welcome to Beer Days

After many "meetings" at The Icebergs, we (Cam, Lep and Paddy) have finally gone live with our own business. It's taken more than a few schooners of Bluetongue to get us here. It’s called Beer Days.

The great thing about running a beer tasting a business is the set up. In most industries this would be considered boring R & D or fall into some lame accounting practices. But for us setting up the business has revolved around a strict program of drinking beer. Lots of different beers. From Aussie beers to internationals, from stouts to pilseners we have been scouring the earth to find the kind of beers we want to be involved with Beer Days

At Beer Days we are looking to bring together 3 of our favourite things - "Good Food, Good Mates and Great Beers". We’ll be holding a Beer Lunch around once a month. We’ll bring together some of the best venues our city has to offer with some of the best beers we’ve found. The idea is to have the brewers tell us about what we are drinking, match them up with some fine food and share the experience with your best mates.

We are holding our first event at Table for 20 this Saturday, 10th Sept. We still have a couple of tickets left, if anyone is interested shoot me a note.

Stay tuned for more events coming soon.

Beer Man

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