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Cam and Lep get their funny on while tasting Brewfist's Spaceman IPA

Our own funny men (space cadets?) Cam and Lep try the Spaceman IPA from Italian brewers Brewfist. It's a strong IPA - 7% - which might explain why our boys have the giggles. Heaps of sweet citrus punch in the aroma and taste and good, long resinous, bitter finish. 

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Golden Nail Hoppy Ale

Cam and Lep from Beer Days tasting the Golden Nail Hoppy Ale from Nail Ale

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The boys get stuck into Killer Sprocket's Bandit Peated Malt

With its very distinctive smokey character, the Killer Sprocket Bandit peated malt ale won't be for everyone. But for those who dig it, then it is truly one to savour. Toffee and dark fruits and smoke in the aroma with a malty, spicy flavour make it a perfect beer for a cold winter's night. Enjoy by the fire. With mist on the moors. Or, you know, at least in your imagination.
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Beer Days taste the iWit from Feral Brewing

Feral have taken their Belgian wheat beer, Feral White, and stacked on the orange, coriander and white pepper.
The boys think it's "sherberty" but that's cause they're charmingly unsophisticated. 

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Cam and Lep taste test the Jet Lag IPA from Nomad Brewing

Give your jet lag a kick in the teeth with this excellent IPA from one of our favourite breweries, Nomad Brewing. The strong, malt backbone and powerful citrus punch will have you hitting the tarmac with a spring in your step.

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Beer Days review the Cavalier Brown Ale

Cam and Lep get stuck into the Cavalier Brown Ale, a nutty, caramel ale that holds its own against a traditional English brewed brown ale and then some. 
We'll take ours with dessert, as suggested. Sticky date pudding perhaps?
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Beer Days road test Brookes American Pale Ale

If this beer was a friend, it would be your best mate - always good company, the one you take to BBQs, the perfect mix of comforting familiarity and cheeky good fun. Pours golden and frothy, a zesty citrus aroma, delicious hoppy taste.
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Cam and Lep taste and review the Abita Purple Haze

Cam and Lep taste and review Abita's raspberry-infused Purple Haze lager without compromising their manhood. This lager is brewed with pilsner malts and goes back a treat on a hot summer's day after a big night.

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Cam and Lep road test the Arctic Fox IPA

Full flavoured, high alcohol content. This IPA does not muck around. Watch the boys from Beer Days TV run you through and even learn something about the history of this fine beer type.

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Beer Review of the Deschuttes Black Butte Porter

Cam and Lep taste test the Deschuttes Black Butte Porter
(not pronounced Black Butt and note really named after a tree)

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Beer Review of the Gang of Four Double Hop Ale

Check out Beer Days TV road testing the Gang of Four Double Hop Ale. 

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Lep and Cam beer review - Holgate Double Trouble

Lep you like getting into trouble don't you???
You can literally taste the raisins and toffee as Lep and Cam run through the finer points of this fine Abbey Dubbel
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